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Welcome to A & J Collision Repair

At A & J Collision Repair we know what it is like to be involved in an automobile accident. We want you to know that we are here to take the pain and stress away. We feel the working relationship between the vehicle owner, the repair facility, and the insurance company is a very important part of the repair process, and we do everything we can to make the process easy for everyone.

“It is our goal to work with you,

the insurance company,

and other vendors to restore your vehicle.”

We strive to get your vehicle back to you in a timely manner, and restore it to its prior condition. When you step back into your automobile it will look and operate like it did before your accident.


Here is a link to the 7 Things that you need to know after an accident.


Preventing a car accident – Autobody & Painting


One of the most tragic things that we too often hear about in almost every city in the United States of America is car accidents. It seems like hardly a week goes by when I do not see on the news or read about a fatal or near fatal car accident that happened somewhere. As an auto body repair facility we constantly see the after effects of what happens in car accidents.

Most drivers know ways to avoid a car accident, but how many drivers consciously practice safe driving methods each time they are behind the wheel? I’d say very few. Very rarely are our minds actually focused on driving. We are busily running from errand to errand just trying to keep on top of the plans of our day. We are talking on cell phones and trying to do way too many things at once. It is no wonder that car accidents are happening with increasing frequency when we look at the increasing busyness and need for multi-tasking in our society today.

One of the key ways to avoid a car accident is for you, as a driver, to really pay attention to the task at hand. Commit to not multi-tasking as you drive, especially on busy roads or through crowded intersections. Keep your cell phone turned off or get one of those new headphones that allows your hands to remain on the wheel as you talk. And don’t even attempt to read a book or to glance through the newspaper as you drive to work as I see too many drivers doing. Women are often driving and applying last touches to their makeup all the time. Avoid these and other distractions as you drive. The more you are focused on driving alone, the less likely it is that you will get into a car accident.

Another obvious but important way to avoid a car accident is to obey all of the road rules and traffic signals. It is far less likely that you will wind up in a car accident if you are obeying the speed limit. Yes, the speed limit. How many of us drive under or at the speed limit in every situation? Hardly any I would say. If you can slow down a few miles per hour and avoid a car accident then I’d say it is well worth it.

The bottom line is that all driving carries a risk of a car accident. While you cannot totally prevent an accident from happening, you can take steps of caution and wisdom to lessen your chances of a car accident happening to you.  If that accident does happen, you can count on us to help you through the insurance and repair process.


Habits for the Beginner Driver That Help Them Be A Safer Driver


It is good practice to check your vehicle out before proceeding out on the road, and know all the safety features of the vehicle that you are driving. It is part of defensive driving to do these checks before you take your vehicle on the road.

Vehicle inspection should be first on the list, before proceeding out on the road.

You are going to need it to check the tires. Hit the tire to make sure there is sufficient air. You may want to carry a tire gauge in your car. Do a visible inspection of tires, looking for possible cracks or worn tires.  If there are any tires that need to be inflated should be completed before going out on the road.  Inadequate tire pressure could cause the car to not drive right and that could lead to a car accident.

Are there any visible leaks under the car? Do the signals work? Do the headlights work? (High and low beam.) Do the brake lights work?

Check to make sure the engine oil; brake fluid, transmission and power steering fluid is at the proper levels. Also check battery and coolant level.  Do not open the radiator cap unless the vehicle has cooled down first. (Caution: see owner’s manual before opening cap.)

Now you are ready to enter the car. Go over the safety features of your vehicle. .

Features that help you communicate to other drivers:

Signals help you warn other drivers, which way you intend to turn. Brakes warn other drivers you’re slowing down or stopping.  Horn warns other drivers and pedestrians to be alert.
Emergency signals warn other drivers of a problem that you may have.

Visibility features:

Mirrors should be adjusted before you leave any parked position.  Mirrors should be used quite often to see what is happening around you at all times. When you think you’re going to have to stop, check your rearview mirror first. You may have to touch your brake, to warn others behind you. You may have to stop a little further ahead to give the driver behind you room to stop safely. It’s all part of driving defensively. Headlights should be working, high and low beam.  Wipers are a must in bad weather conditions.  Windshield must be clean.

Safety features:

Emergency brakes should be applied when in a parked position at all times. Test your emergency brake by applying the handle, or pushing to the floor, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Remove gear out of park position with foot on brake pedal and put in drive position. Ease up on brake pedal. Vehicle should not roll forward. It is a good habit to always release park brake after putting vehicle in gear. The vehicle will not roll forward if you forget to put your foot on the brake pedal, if the park brake is functioning properly.
Seat belts: Make sure your seatbelt is used as well as the passenger’s seat belt.  It is a violation in most, if not every city and state not to wear it.


Heater should be adjusted accordingly, for maximum comfort. Driver must open windows if too hot.  Seat adjustments should be adjusted for maximum visibility and comfort.

(Check owner’s manual for further knowledge of vehicle features and safety features.)

These topics that we covered should be second nature when reaching for them, especially when you get an unexpected downpour, or hit with mud from a passing vehicle, if you have to look for your wipers, you may find yourself on top of another vehicle or in a ditch!

Do not attempt to drive without this knowledge.



A & J Collision Repair, Conway AR


We at A & J Collision Repair are a full service automotive paint shop and auto body & painting repair facility. We specialize in automotive paint, collision repair, and automobile restoration. This auto shop will work on every make and model of vehicle: Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.



All of our technicians are professionally trained, certified, and attend regular training courses to stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques. We also have a state-of-the-art facility and tools that allow them to erase the blemishes from your automobile, returning it to its original condition.




On our website you can find information about our estimate process, the metal repair shop, and our paint process.  We even have a tool you can use to track the progress of the repairs. If you have any questions or comments let us know — we will be glad to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.  Check out our special offers page too for monthly specials.




“We are your best decision

after a collision”


A & J Collision Repair is a full service auto body repair shop. We are located at 1215 Thomas G. Wilson Drive in Conway Arkansas 72032. Come by and visit or give us a call at 501.205.1218.
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