The Many Benefits of Body Shop Plastic Repairs


Your car features a lot of plastic parts- many of which you may be unaware of.  In fact, durable plastic polymers are now used for bumpers, body and door panels, trim, light covers, windows, equipment housings and more.  Introduced on cars in the late 1960s, plastic parts reduce a vehicle’s weight while improving its fuel efficiency.  In addition, plastics minimize corrosion, allow for more design creativity and are easier to recycle than metals.  When your car is involved in a collision, naturally some of its plastic parts can get damaged and require repairs.  Newer plastic repair innovations now allow body shops to oftentimes fix and reuse the original part rather than replacing it.  Here’s how those plastic repair benefits play out for you.

You the Driver

When your car’s in the shop after an accident, it’s a hassle to be without it.  For example, let’s say that your plastic bumper was cracked in a minor fender bender and needs to be repaired.  In the past, a replacement bumper would have been ordered, a large batch of paint mixed and applied, and the new part installed.  With the high-tech plastic repairs used today, body shop technicians can oftentimes patch the existing bumper and spot blend a little paint; which means faster turnaround times and lower bills.  That’s important when you are paying out-of-pocket for repairs, and/or have to come up with the cash yourself for a rental car.  The many benefits of plastic repairs for you as a driver include:

Faster turnaround time

Less stress

Increased resale value when original equipment stays on the vehicle

Overall higher satisfaction with the repair job

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