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Starting An Auto Paint Shop

Owning an auto paint shop and detail shop is a very wonderful business because people are always in need of a touch up or a total paint job because the paint gets old, or they get into accidents and fender benders.

One good way is to study what franchises are available in the auto body and painting areas, and then begin to do some research about their attributes. A franchise can be a very good way to start out in this business, as you will be using a pattern of success which has worked for others, and you will be able to avoid the mistakes that some people might make in a new business such as this.

After you have identified some of the leading companies that offer a franchise, make some detailed notes as to how much money it will take to set up the business. Usually there will be a franchise fee, money required to purchase equipment, in this case painting equipment and paint.

The painting franchise will have a very detailed structure set up where certain amounts of money will be used for specific items and uses in the business. There will be a pattern of steps that others have experienced to be successful steps in getting the business started, maintaining the business, and methods of procuring new clients for the business.

Obviously many of the customers will come from local claims adjusters in the area, some of which you will have to make contact with, and there will be a procedure for that also. These are the advantages of using the franchise arrangement, as all of the procedures will already be mapped out for you.

The franchise may even have suggestions as to what type of entity you should set up for the operation of your business, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporate entity.

One very popular way to establish the format of the business is to establish it as a Limited Liability Company, or an LLC. In this way you can have the liability protection of a corporation, but be taxed like an individual or a partnership.

You may have to raise some money for your business venture, and there are a number of ways that you can do this, and if you don’t have the cash you may have to solicit friends and relatives, and offer a share of the company to them.

It may be possible to get financing from and bank or even a Small Business Administration Loan. Many times the franchise will offer financing too, for a part or all of the necessary funding, but it all depends on the situation. Sometimes you might be able to find an investor would agree to take on a share of the business as a limited partner.

You will also have to check and get all of the required legal permits and licenses that will be required by your town, county, and state in order to do business.

Your franchise will help you pick your location, and in fact they may just find the property and require that you be located in a certain area which fits their traffic and demographic criteria. The will also help with the advertising and promotion of your new business.

By having an auto paint shop with a national brand, people will be more aware of your presence and they will know that your brand speaks of quality and consistency in the work. A good auto paint shop will bring in new business when the word gets around that you do good work and that you are reliable and consistent when a car gets painted.

However, AJ Collision Repair is not a franchise business. We are a family owned establishment and care a lot about how our customers are treated. If you have any questions about how to run auto paint shop, please call Jody Gatchelle and get all your answers answered.

Or maybe you are one of those folks who don’t want to learn to be a doctor, but just want the illness fixed now. Then I suggest you get one of our free estimates and see how well we treat our customers.

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