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At A & J Collision we make sure our customer service is top notch. The top five word that our customers use to describe A&J Collision Repair in our google reviews are: great, friendly, excellent, the best and professional. We strive to make the customers experience the best it can be providing the situation. Several of our reviews mention how our customer service is above and beyond anything they have already experienced. With our customer service, we help our customer to speak to their insurance and get everything worked out. Then we make sure that our rentals are setup and even confirm the rental and car availability before our customer comes in for the appointment. We also make a confirmation appointment phone call the day before the appointment to make sure we are all on the same page with the date and time of the appointment. Once you get here for your appointment we will go over some paperwork and have you sign a couple pages, then we will call the rental company to come over to our location and take you back to their locations to get your rental. If the rental company is unable to come get you, or you just need a ride home or to work we can help you with that. While your vehicle is in our shop we will give you a verbal update on the progress of your vehicle every two days. We will also post a daily photo of the vehicle repairs so you can also see a visual progress of the vehicle too. While your vehicle is in our shop any questions or concerns that the customer may have are routed to the customer service representative to be properly handled and addressed. You will be given a call in the morning to let you know our goal on your vehicle, and will be offered a phone call if your vehicle was to get completed sooner. Once your vehicle is finished, you will take your rental vehicle back and they will bring you to A&J Collision Repair. Also, if you need to be picked up or your vehicle delivered to you we can see about getting that arranged to best fit your needs. We will let you look over the vehicle, go over our packet with you, and get any payments needed. If you have any questions even after your vehicle is delivered you are more than welcome to give us a call and you will be routed to the customer service representative for answers. If you ever feel that we can improve on our customer service in some way, please don’t hesitate to let us know about your ideas for improvement. That way A&J Collision Repair can continue to move forward and be the best it can be in the customer service department.

Rachel Sharping

Customer Service Representative

A&J Collision Repair


Are you still wondering what happens behind the scenes after you have dropped your vehicle off?  Well watch this video to find out more, if you have any questions you can call us at (501)205-1218!

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How To Handle Your Auto Claim Efficiently


An accident can only take seconds to occur but overseeing the entire claims repair process may take days. Traditionally, drivers have been responsible for reporting the claim, arranging for the rental car, getting estimates on the repair work, checking with the shop to see when the work will be done, inspecting the car, picking up the car and returning the rental car.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case and that’s why it’s a smart idea to contact the insurance specialists at A & J Collision Repair for assistance on your automotive claim.

We offer our customers the ability to not have to worry about the repair process at all and let you stay on track with your busy life.  We know that you may not be familiar with the people that you need to contact to get the proper paper work started, but we do.  Even though you may have been in an accident a couple of years ago, the process is always changing and what you did at that time has probably changed as well.  So do not get frustrated with it just let us handle it for you.


I’m Jody Gatchell the owner of A & J Collision Repair.  We have been in business for 17 years in Conway, AR, we are located at 1215 Thomas G. Wilson.  You can reach us at 501.327.1882 or by email at  You can visit our website at for more information about your vehicles repairs and about us.   Where quality, professionalism and reliability collide.





Jody Gatchell


A & J Collision Repair

Tips To Endure The First Holiday Travel Of The Year


New DriverWith the summer season nearly upon us, everyone is gearing up for this summer vacation travels.  This holiday weekend is the start of the summer time vacations that everyone looks forward too. We here at A & J Collision Repair want make sure that you have a safe and fun trip while driving to your destination.

Directions Are Everything

Sure, there are all the stereotypes about men not wanting to ask for directions, and the validity of those stereotypes is for another time. That being said, getting quality directions that you can trust and that you know will get you there is paramount to making your trip as smooth as possible. Calling your destination, be that a brother, grandmother, uncle, or hotel, for directions is a good first step. Not only will they more than likely know the best way to get you there, but they will also probably know go detours in the event of traffic, accidents, or construction.

In the event that your destination doesn’t have good directions for you, there are seemingly endless websites online that will give you turn by turn directions, distances, times, and even maps. Take those with a grain of salt as they may not be completely up to date due to construction changes to traffic patterns, addition or subtraction of exits, or the addition or removal of traffic signs saying which roads you’re allowed to travel on.

Games, Movies, Books, and Snacks

The kids don’t like the 13 hour drive any more than you do, but at least you get to drive. Video games, card games, personal video players, even books (if motion sickness isn’t an issue) are a great way to help make the drive pass for kids. Many of your local electronics stores sell VHS and DVD players that have small monitors already attached for a very reasonable price and allow you to avoid having an entire home entertainment center installed into your car just for road trips.

Make Sure Your Car is Working Fine

Checking your tires for air pressure and tread and checking the oil and coolant in your engine is an easy way to make sure that you’re not one of those families on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Every year families find themselves on the side of the road with flat tires from worn tread or bad air pressure or with engines billowing smoke from something that would have cost next to nothing to have checked and fixed ahead of time. Spending a little bit of time and effort up front can save you spending a lot of time and money later.

Check Your Insurance

While you certainly don’t want anything bad to happen, in the event that something bad does happen, it helps to have your insurance information with you. Pretty much any state you’re travelling through will require you to have some sort of car insurance, even if it’s just cheap car insurance. Making sure that you have your insurance information, whether it’s North Carolina car insurance, Virginia car insurance, or another state, is a good way to make sure that if the worst happens, you know what you’re covered against.

Before you set out you should also check to see what your insurance covers in the way of towing, roadside assistance, and rentals in the event something does happen to your car and you need help or another way to continue your vacation. Getting stuck at your destination because your insurance doesn’t cover a rental and your car exploded is no way to spend the your time.

Be Prepared

This is the holiday driving season, when the seeming entirety of the United States driving population will converge on the roads at the same time. Plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time, factoring in stops for food, gas, and just to stretch your legs. Leave early and expect to get to your destination early. Remember that for every great driver out there that will let you merge in front of them there’s somebody that will cut you off and cause an accident if you’re not paying attention. Stay on your toes, relax, and enjoy your vacation this holiday season.

We here at A & J Collision Repair wish you a safe and happy holiday season.  It is the time of the year that I look forwards every year.  Spending time with family and friends is the best.  But if the unexpected happens, you can call us at 501.205.1218 to assist you with your vehicle.

You can learn more about us on the web at” Where quality, professionalism and reliability collide.”

Jody Gatchell





Jody Gatchell


A & J Collision Repair

Let’s Make Your Car The Best Looking One In The Parking Lot


A & J Collision Repair

Do you pull up to a stop light and find that there is four other vehicles at the intersection that look just like yours, or you are in Wal-Mart parking lot and you walk up to a car that you thought was yours, to only find out that it was not?

It is spring time and it is starting to stay lighter out longer.  This is giving us the opportunity to get out with our vehicles more. Now you are looking at your vehicle a little more closely.

Now, you have been searching online, day dreaming about a new car. Thinking about this and the amount of money it will cost is overwhelming, particularly if you only have a few more payments left. Looking for the perfect used car can be a hard task, but have you thought of the alternative. Why not evaluate your wants and wishes and consider repairing or upgrading what you already have.

Checking out what is online will make this decision easier and believe me the products, all of which are guaranteed to impress, will set you apart from the pack.  You will no longer walk up to the wrong car again.

Now that you have found yourself with a few extra dollars that you can spend on your vehicle. You can add and stamp your own personality to your car, by just investing in a few fresh innovative ideas. New products on the automotive accessory and customizing market are not only functional but also can be a cosmetic improvement. You might even consider overall vehicle design, total vehicle enhancement, or just do something simple and have grille guards installed or choose window tinting.

The cost of these parts and upgrades ranges from a few dollars to a small fortune, however you can have them installed for much less than the price of a new vehicle. Going online to search for these items is most likely the best way to find exactly what you want. An automotive accessory shop or even an auto body repair shop is good ways to find what you are looking for.

The vehicle enhancement options available are vast. Anything goes these days, fog lamps, color instrument dials, silver or color stitched leather gear knobs, sports pedals, spoilers, body kits, engine covers, interior upgrades in many styles and materials, even in wood grain and of course, don’t forget the special wheel and tire packages. Most good shops have a selection of quality tire brands from which to choose, and can be complimented with any number of attention-grabbing styles of genuine alloy wheels. Think about what your car would look like with a new set of wheels and tires, and if you are feeling the need to check up on prices and style, log on to and search through the articles, and browse through some of the photo gallery.

You may want to have a complete restoration with some auto body repair  or just some custom automotive painting. Maybe you would like clear tail-lights or euro style headlights in chrome or black. You could invest in a Body kit, air bags or a lowered spring suspension. But, whatever you do make sure you buy exactly what you want and not what the sales person wants to sell to you. You will find that customizing your car is a real option, search the World Wide Web to see what inspires you, it will be more cost effective than that new car payment.

So if you are considering trading-in your present car, do your research first. You might find you would be just as pleased, and a lot richer, with a few improvements and spruce up your present car to make it part of your personality and it be the best one in the parking lot.

I’m Jody Gatchell the owner of A & J Collision Repair.  We have been in business for 17 years in Conway, AR, we are located at 1215 Thomas G. Wilson.  If you are looking for some help adding some personality to your vehicle give A & J Collision Repair a call at 501.327.1882 or by email at  You can visit our website at for more information about your vehicles repairs and about us.   Where quality, professionalism and reliability collide.


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Helping You See Around Your Car

A & J Collision Repair Blind Spot
A & J Collision Repair Blind Spot

Narrowing down the blind spot in your car

For years, we’d been setting our side-view mirrors so that they gave us a view of the back corner of our cars. This is the way it’s been done for generations – from grandfather, to father, to us! But we finally discovered something very interesting. The back corner of the car never moves. It always stays in the same exact place. So there’s really no reason to keep an eye on it.

By moving the side mirrors farther out, you can line up all three of your mirrors so they have minimal overlap — and you can see everything behind you and beside you.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Start by setting your rear-view mirror as you normally would.

Then, lean your head all the way to the left so it touches the driver’s window. From that position, set your left side-view mirror so you can see the back corner of your car. Now lean the same distance the other way, and set your right side-view mirror the same way.

Now, here’s what happens. When a car comes up behind you, you should first see it in your rear-view mirror. But as it passes you (let’s say on your left), you’ll see it move to the left side of your rear-view mirror. And as its left headlight disappears from your rear-view mirror, it should instantly show up in your left side-view mirror. There should be no delay. It should slip from one to the other, so you can always see it.

Step 2 – Left-Side Mirror Alignment: Set your left-side mirror so that as soon as the passing car’s left, front headlight disappears from your rear-view mirror, it appears in your left-side mirror.

You might need to make some slight adjustments to your side-view mirrors to make everything line up perfectly. And pulling up next to a line of parked cars (to simulate another lane of traffic next to you) is a good way to do that.

Step 3 – Right-Side Mirror Alignment: Then do the same thing on the right.

Step 4: End result? No huge blind spots.

Driving with the mirrors this way takes some getting used to. You have to learn to rely on your rear-view mirror first. And you’ll have to get used to what your side-view mirrors are now looking at. But, the good news is that your blind spot should now be gone!

Spring Time Hail Storms


It is that time of the year again, the spring time.  It is the time of the year when the leaves on the trees start to bud and the flowers start blooming.  It is an all around great time of the year.

But with the changing of the seasons it does bring those spring time storms.  It is inevitable, the storms will happen.  You can at the least say that you will see some heavy rain and some wind, occasionally it will happen- “that hail storm”.

With the recent hail storm that was in our area, we have seen a lot of vehicles that have hail damage on them.  Some of the vehicles have been severe, they were pretty banged up but the most of them were not.  Either way, for the vehicle owners, it is something that they could have done without.

The staff members at A & J Collision Repair are here to help you through the claims process to get your vehicle back to normal.  This is from the first inspection of the vehicle, calling the insurance company with you, to returning it back to you after the repairs have been completed.

So if you have been affected by the recent storms give us a call today at 501.205.1218 and get you and your vehicle back to normal.

Jody Gatchell


A & J Collision Repair is a full service auto body repair shop. We are located at 1215 Thomas G. Wilson Drive in Conway Arkansas 72032. Come by and visit or give us a call at 501.205.1218.
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