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Purchasing a Vehicle, Let Us Help


                After filing taxes and getting the return, the next move is to decide what to do with your refund. Some choose to add the amount into saving, while others make a purchase. The most popular purchase that is made is a vehicle. Since it is tax season, using the refund as a down payment helps in the long run.

More and more people are buying used vehicles over new ones. There are many incentives to buying a used over a new vehicle. It helps save money on insurance, registration, taxes and depreciation. Vehicles today are very reliable and so it just makes sense to go the used route.

Buying a vehicle can be very stressful for everyone. At A&J Collision Repair, we want to help make that process easier. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the purchase of a vehicle is a good one. Some steps that can be taken prior to even stepping onto a car lot would be to: set your budget, choose the right vehicle, check reliability and ownership costs, locate good used vehicles, price the vehicle, check the vehicle history report, contact the seller, go on a test drive, negotiate the best price, and close the deal. These are all important factors to consider since a vehicle is a big purchase for anyone.

Setting the Budget

When purchasing a vehicle there are only two ways to purchase it; paying cash or taking out a loan. If paying with cash, that makes budgeting simple. However, it is best to not spend all the contents of the savings. There needs to be money set aside for registration and insurance. If using a loan, it is best to put 10% down and finance the vehicle for three years.

Choose the Right Vehicle

The most fun part, picking your vehicle. It is important to take inconsideration what the vehicle will be used for. Narrow the field by making a list of must have features. Based on that list, search for models that will fit your needs best.

Check Reliability and Ownership Costs

Every used vehicle is different. Some have gone more miles than others and some have more wear and tear. It is best to pick a vehicle known for dependability. While some cars are cheap to buy, they may have issues in the long run because of maintenance and repairs.

Locate Good Vehicles

There are lots of websites that list used vehicles. Each site has its own character. Go with that best fits your list of needs.

Price the Vehicle

Once there are several models of vehicles chosen, look up their price. This can be done through several vehicle model pricing guides found online such as Kelly Blue Book and NADA. When doing this make sure to include the year, make, model, options (such as navigation), mileage, and condition level.

Check the Vehicle History Report

It is good to run a history report on the vehicle before ever going to see it. Running the report only requires the VIN number. This is to make sure there is a clean title, any serious accidents, and if there was regular maintenance done on the vehicle.

Contact the Seller

By calling the seller, you will get a lot of questions answered and it will save you some time. A few basic questions to ask are: how many owners have there been, are the service records available, do you have the title and is it clear, can I have the car inspected by a mechanic?

Test Drive the Vehicle

Until now the vehicle has not been driven. When you go to test drive make sure to drive on various roads, (hills, rough pavement, curves and a stretch of highway), that way you can feel how it drives on all road types. You will want to pay attention to the following: visibility, acceleration and cornering, brakes, ergonomics, mechanical condition.

Inspect the Vehicle

If the vehicle drives well and seems to be in good condition, it should still be taken to a mechanic. Here at A&J Collision Repair, we offer a free pre-purchase inspection. You can bring a vehicle that you are hoping to purchase, and we can inspect it for you. We will look it over and make sure that all components are working properly.

Negotiate the Best Price

This part of buying a vehicle always stresses people. If you have done the proper research, this will be a piece of cake. When offered the price compare it to the average market price. It is up to the seller to either accept your offer or make a counteroffer.

Close the Deal

Before taking ownership of your vehicle, add it to your insurance. Then, you will only need to pay for the vehicle. Make sure to get the title and have the seller sign it correctly. Once the sale contract is signed, the vehicle is yours. Take time to review the contract and do not let yourself be pressured into signing it just to get it over with.

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CONSUMER ALERT: Fake Insurance Policies


In recent days, there are reports of individuals posing as car insurance agents trying to sell fraudulent policies at dealerships. This statement was released by Arkansas Insurance Commissioner, Allen Kerr.

He stated that these complaints were received from Progressive Insurance about people posing as Progressive agents. These individuals were attempting to sell policies to consumers looking into purchasing a vehicle.

Progressive Insurance has referred roughly 240 initial cases of alleged fraudulent insurance that was sold and have sent it to the Arkansas Insurance Department for investigation. The company stated that the individuals frequented the area dealerships presenting themselves as Progressive agents, offering services to assist car buyers in getting insurance online. These policies were purchased by paying cash to the individual at the car lot.

The fake agents would then go online to purchase a Progressive policy using a checking account. The individuals would then claim the transactions as fraud, lending to a return of the purchase and rescission of the policy.

Arkansas Insurance Department encourages consumers who may have been victims to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 866-660-0888.

The Commissioner reminds Arkansans that people who sell or are in possession of a false, fake or counterfeit insurance policies or insurance identification care may be charged with committing a fraudulent Insurance Act, which is a Class D Felony that carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Information source:

Emily Patterson

Receptionist-A&J Collision Repair

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Hit A Deer…Now What?


The most common vehicle accident seen is a deer hit. They come out of no where and suddenly the driver now has damage to their vehicle. That also comes with many questions, some which do not have a straightforward answer. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about deer hits.

“So I hit a deer, am I covered?”

                In order to be covered for a deer hit you must have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. This type of coverage is for accidents other than collisions. Although the deer did strike or collide with your vehicle, it is specifically listed as a loss covered by “other than collision”. If you have only liability coverage, then the insurer will not pay for the damages from hitting the deer.

“I swerved to miss a deer, then hit ____. Will I be covered?”

                If it was only the deer that hit the vehicle, then it would go under comprehensive insurance. If the driver swerves to miss the deer and then hit something else, such as another vehicle, guardrail, tree or roll the vehicle, then that turns into a collision claim. Even though the deer started this ordeal, contact with the animal was never made so that is not a comprehensive claim.

“Will the state pay for the damage, or for my deductible”?

                The state will not pay for the repairs or deductible. There is an agency that does manage the deer population, but they cannot prevent deer from crossing roadways.

“Do I need to file a police report?”

                Most insurances do not require the insured to fill out a police report for a comprehensive claim. It is best to contact authorities if there are any signs of injury.

“Will my insurance go up?”

                Usually with a comprehensive claim, the company will not raise your insurance rate. If there are multiple claims filed over a period, then that can raise rates.

We here at A&J Collision Repair are always available to help you with any claim that needs taken care of. Give us a call today!

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Car Seat Survey


It would mean alot to us at A&J Collision Repair if you would take a minute to click the link below and do this 3 question survey about car seats.

Car Seat Survey

If you have any questions don’t hestiate to give us a call at (501)205-1218

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Customer Service at A & J Collision Repair



At A & J Collision we make sure our customer service is top notch. The top five word that our customers use to describe A&J Collision Repair in our google reviews are: great, friendly, excellent, the best and professional. We strive to make the customers experience the best it can be providing the situation. Several of our reviews mention how our customer service is above and beyond anything they have already experienced. With our customer service, we help our customer to speak to their insurance and get everything worked out. Then we make sure that our rentals are setup and even confirm the rental and car availability before our customer comes in for the appointment. We also make a confirmation appointment phone call the day before the appointment to make sure we are all on the same page with the date and time of the appointment. Once you get here for your appointment we will go over some paperwork and have you sign a couple pages, then we will call the rental company to come over to our location and take you back to their locations to get your rental. If the rental company is unable to come get you, or you just need a ride home or to work we can help you with that. While your vehicle is in our shop we will give you a verbal update on the progress of your vehicle every two days. We will also post a daily photo of the vehicle repairs so you can also see a visual progress of the vehicle too. While your vehicle is in our shop any questions or concerns that the customer may have are routed to the customer service representative to be properly handled and addressed. You will be given a call in the morning to let you know our goal on your vehicle, and will be offered a phone call if your vehicle was to get completed sooner. Once your vehicle is finished, you will take your rental vehicle back and they will bring you to A&J Collision Repair. Also, if you need to be picked up or your vehicle delivered to you we can see about getting that arranged to best fit your needs. We will let you look over the vehicle, go over our packet with you, and get any payments needed. If you have any questions even after your vehicle is delivered you are more than welcome to give us a call and you will be routed to the customer service representative for answers. If you ever feel that we can improve on our customer service in some way, please don’t hesitate to let us know about your ideas for improvement. That way A&J Collision Repair can continue to move forward and be the best it can be in the customer service department.

Rachel Sharping

Customer Service Representative

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Are you still wondering what happens behind the scenes after you have dropped your vehicle off?  Well watch this video to find out more, if you have any questions you can call us at (501)205-1218!

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What Car Seat Is The Best For My Little One?


Child Safety SeatsThe most common dilemma of most parents is choosing the best baby car seat from among the so many variations (each with its own safety feature) that is being sold in the market. The answer to this is whatever fits the baby comfortable, fits in your car snugly and is within the budget is the best baby car seat that anyone can find.

All baby car seats, and for that matter everything that has to do with vehicle safety, has to pass, the same federal crash testing and safety measures. Baby car seats that are approved by the government has the assurance of safety, the standards is set has to be passed by all manufacturers. Needless to say, even the cheapest baby car seat sold in the market has gone through the same crash tests and will always protect the young against crashes provided these are properly installed.

Extra features are fine but these add up to the cost of the baby car seat. Higher prices do not always mean the best, as there are no “best” car baby seats. Some extra features will only be meaningful if it can be used but the car seat must fit the baby first.

Once you have chosen a baby car seat that you like, the next item on your list is to read the manufacturer instruction manual. The most expensive and multiple featured baby car seat will not be of any use if the manufacturers manual is not read thoroughly as those may have special requirements about special fitting and use.

In any event, the same rule will apply. Children and infants that weigh below 20 lbs. should be seated facing the rear of the car. If the child is already one year old and still below the required weight limits the appropriate car baby seat must be the convertible type but the child still has to be seated facing the rear. The convertibles can be fitted to face the front, which could be a good preparation when he/she exceeds the weight limit.

Infant-only seats are small portable seats that often are a part of a stroller system. It has three to five point harnesses and can be used for children up to 22 lbs. The seat usually comes with a detachable base for convenience as it means that you do not have to install the seat every time it is used.

Bigger baby car seats are used for older and bigger babies and are forward facing. Like the infant only car baby seat, this also comes with a five-point harness. Added feature is a padded T-Shield that is attached to the shoulder straps and a padded tray like overhead shields that that swing down around the child.

Baby car seats, no matter what the type is have one thing in common: they are all designed to protect the baby from any forward accidents that may happen while one the road.  And like safety belt that are attached on the seat of the cars to harness adult passengers, baby car seats provide security to the little ones on board.

For some more information on different car seats here is a link to the consumers report  You will be able to review numerous different brands and styles that we work for you and your family.

I’m Jody Gatchell with A & J Collision Repair. I have been in business for 18 years in Conway, AR, we are located at 1215 Thomas G. Wilson, Conway AR 72032.  Call us today at 501.205.1218 to assist you with your vehicle. You can also find us on the web at” Where quality, professionalism and reliability collide.”


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Estimate = Visual Damage Report


A & J Collision Repair Estimate
A Free Estimate from A & J Collision Repair

Have you ever got an estimate for some auto body repairs on your vehicle and then the final cost of the repair was different than the estimate?

A estimate as defined, is a statement of the approximate charge for work to be done, submitted by a person or business firm ready to undertake the work; we can only approximate what the damages are by visually reviewing the vehicle.

There is only so much we can visually see without disassembling the vehicle.

So here at A&J Collision Repair in Conway we like to call an estimate a “Visual Damage Report”.  This is a report of the damage that was seen at the time of the inspection.

Once the vehicle is scheduled in for repairs and the vehicle arrives, we completely disassemble the vehicle in the impacted area. When disassembled, we can see any possible internal issues or damages to finish our report. This is when we will know the final cost of your auto body repairs.  We are open to any questions that you may have about these possible additional items unseen during the initial estimate.

By completing this step we can help you get the best auto body experience here in Conway Arkansas that you deserve.

Call us today at 501.205.1218 to get your visual damage report started on your vehicle.

~Check us out next when we discuss in further detail on the disassembly process. ~

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