How To Handle Your Auto Claim Efficiently

An accident can only take seconds to occur but overseeing the entire claims repair process may take days. Traditionally, drivers have been responsible for reporting the claim, arranging for the rental car, getting estimates on the repair work, checking with the shop to see when the work will be done, inspecting the car, picking up the car and returning the rental car.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case and that’s why it’s a smart idea to contact the insurance specialists at A & J Collision Repair for assistance on your automotive claim.
We offer our customers the ability to not have to worry about the repair process at all and let you stay on track with your busy life.  We know that you may not be familiar with the people that you need to contact to get the proper paper work started, but we do.  Even though you may have been in an accident a couple of years ago, the process is always changing and what you did at that time has probably changed as well. So do not get frustrated with it just let us handle it for you.
For example, what our insurance specialists can offer you, the driver of an accident claim, only takes minutes-not days-of your time. Here’s how the process works:

  • The customer calls A & J Collision Repair and sets an appointment to come in to inspect the vehicle.  At the time of the appointment our insurance specialist will evaluate the damage to your vehicle and put it into a report that the insurance agency can and will understand. 


  • In about 15 minutes, the report will be complete and we then can call the insurance company and let them know the extent of the damage and how long the repairs will take. This report is a damage analysis of the damage that is visible at the time of the inspection.


  • Once we have obtained the claim number from the insurance company we will help set up the rental car for you and make the arrangements to have them pick you up at the shop on the scheduled drop off date.


  • During the repairs to your vehicle, we will be in contact with both you and the insurance carrier to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the vehicle. You can also view pictures of your vehicle daily on our repair status page on our website.    


  • Once the repairs are completed you will be called to schedule a time to pick up your vehicle.  Once you approve of your repairs, the insurance specialist will send everything into the insurance company for the proper payments for you.


  • After receiving your repaired vehicle from A & J Collision Repair, you will receive from our insurance specialist a “A & J Collision Repair Nationwide Lifetime Warranty” that guarantees the repairs that was completed to your vehicle. 



Below is a list of words that I have put together to help you with the meaning of and to help you understand the estimate or other procedures that will be completed on your vehicle. If you have any questions about any of the words please contact me at 


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The following words or phrases are some of the most commonly used words or phrases in our industry.  These may or may not be used on your estimate that you receive.


A/M – Aftermarket is a part that is made by a company other than the manufacture.

Adjuster – is a representative of the insurer who seeks to determine the extent of the insurer’s liability for loss when a claim is submitted.

Alignment – See Wheel Alignment

Appearance Allowance – Money given to the insured to keep a part of the vehicle that is barely damaged.

Aquapel  – Aquapel Glass Treatment improves a driver’s ability to see clearly and drive safer.  It is a product that can be put on your windshield

Assignment – Is information that we receive about your accident and in turn get turned back into your provider.

Base coat – is the color coat of paint applied to a vehicle.

Betterment – is a fee that the customer pays on the use of wear on a part being replaced.

Blnd – (Blend or Blending) is a painting process to insure an invisible color match.

Body Pull – To pull the metal to gain access or pull into place for repairs.

Buff or Buffing – Is a process that is performed to your vehicles finish that helps give it a shine.  It is used to take out imperfections in the paint

Claimant – is the person who is not at fault or the one that caused the accident.

Clear coat – is a shiny, clear coat of paint that is applied over the base coat of paint on a vehicle.

Collision Coverage – Collision insurance is automobile insurance coverage for direct and accidental loss or damage to an automobile caused by collision with another vehicle, object.

Color Tint – See Tint for color match

Comprehensive Coverage – is coverage that covers your vehicle in the event of damages such as animal, hail, tornado, fire, theft, vandalism, windshield damage, etc.

Corrosion Protection – Is a product that is put on the repair area to restore the anti-corrosion material.

Cover Car or Cover the Car for Refinish– It is a plastic cover that is placed over the vehicle while painting.

Deductible – The amount of money you agree to pay out-of-pocket for a claim is called your deductible, this is owed at the end of the repairs

Denib and polish or Buffing – Is a process of removing any imperfections in the clear coat.

Disassembly – is the removing of outer damaged parts of a vehicle to see any hidden damages behind.

Evacuate and recharge – Is the process of removing all refrigerant from the air conditioning system.

Flex or Flex Additive – Is a product that is put into the paint and clear coat to make the material more pliable to put on plastic parts.

Frame – Is the labor on the estimate that is a part of the frame components

Full Coverage – is coverage on your vehicle that will pay for repairs if in an accident. Full coverage can also consist of having uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and towing. Talk with your agent as every policy is different.

Glue clean up and retape – It is the steps needed to remove double sided tape off of the vehicle and moldings and retapeing them to put on the vehicle.

Hazardous Waste – Is for the removal of the hazardous waste materials from the repair facility.

Independent Adjuster – is an independent contractor for hire to insurance companies and other organizations to investigate and settle claims.

Insured- is the person who is responsible for an accident. The insured will have a deductible to pay and be using their insurance for repairs to the vehicle

Let Down or Drop – Letting one side of a part down for painting.

LKQ – (Like, Kind and Quality) is another term for a recycled part.

Mechanical – Is the labor on an estimate that is a part of the mechanical components.

Mount and Balance – Is a process of making sure that the wheel spins correctly, with out vibration.

O.E.M.Original Equipment Manufacturer (factory dealer parts)

O/H – (Overhaul) is a procedure to take an assembly off the vehicle and completely disassembled to component parts.

Paint Material – is the cost for paint and materials used to refinish a vehicle.

PDRPaintless dent repair.

Plastic filler (body Filler) – is a resin or synthetic compound used in straightening and joint-welding procedures to form an even surface for painting.  Modern polymers used in plastic fillers are strong and do not crack or loosen over time when applied properly by a skilled technician.  Plastic filler is a completely necessary and industry-accepted material.

Prepaid Amount – is the amount an insurance company paid to the customer from a visual estimate that is due at the end of the repairs.

Prior Damage – Is the damage to a vehicle that is not a part of the claim for repair.  It also can be on the same panel that is being repaired.

Qual Recy Parts – Quality Recycled Part is a used part that has come from a recycling yard.

Qual Repl Parts – (Quality Replacement Parts) Is a part that is made by a company other than the vehicle manufacture.

R & I – (Remove and reinstall) the part or parts are being removed from the vehicle and being installed back on.  The reason for the R & I is to get the part out of the way for a repair or refinish procedure.

Recon – Recondition is part that has been refurbished.

Refrigerant – is R134, the Freon that is used for the air conditioning system.

Refrigerant recovery – Is recovering the R134 Freon

Rental Coverage – is the coverage on your policy that will help pay for a rental vehicle while repairs are being completed.

Repl – (Replace) The part is being replaced on the vehicle

Ruff Pull – A process of gaining access to damaged area.

Seam Sealer/Caulk – Is a material used on seams and joints on a body panel.

Set up and measure – Is the process of placing the vehicle on the frame machine and doing a measurement of the frame or unibody to ensure correctness.

Set up Floor – To anchor the vehicle for body pull.

Sound deadening material – Is the material used to help decrease noise.

Spray out Test panel – Is a process of spraying test panels of the vehicles color to get a proper color match.

Stripe Tape – Is the pin stripe that is on the vehicle.

Structural realignment – Is a process of aligning the frame or uni-body with in specifications.

Subl – (Sublet) the vehicle or operation sent out to another company for the operation.

Supplement – is additional damages that may have been found once a vehicle is disassembled.

Tint for color Match – Is a paint process for tinting the color to get a color match.

Total Loss – is declared when the cost of repairs will be greater than a percentage of the total current market value of your vehicle or property. Percentage varies by state.

Touch Up – Is to use paint to fill in or touch up small areas or rock chips.  This is completed with a brush and it will show, it does not remove the imperfection completely.

Undercoating – A material used on the under side of the vehicle.

Unrelated Prior Damage – is damage to a part of the vehicle that was present prior to the current loss.

Urethane – Is the type of material or compound in the paint and material.

Visual (or preliminary) Estimate – is the written determination made by an appraiser or estimator, upon inspection of a damaged vehicle, regarding the cost required to restore the vehicle to the condition it was in prior to the Loss.

Weld Thru Primer – Is a product that is used when welding a part onto the vehicle.

Wheel alignment – Is a process of aligning the wheels to drive correctly.



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