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CONSUMER ALERT: Fake Insurance Policies


In recent days, there are reports of individuals posing as car insurance agents trying to sell fraudulent policies at dealerships. This statement was released by Arkansas Insurance Commissioner, Allen Kerr.

He stated that these complaints were received from Progressive Insurance about people posing as Progressive agents. These individuals were attempting to sell policies to consumers looking into purchasing a vehicle.

Progressive Insurance has referred roughly 240 initial cases of alleged fraudulent insurance that was sold and have sent it to the Arkansas Insurance Department for investigation. The company stated that the individuals frequented the area dealerships presenting themselves as Progressive agents, offering services to assist car buyers in getting insurance online. These policies were purchased by paying cash to the individual at the car lot.

The fake agents would then go online to purchase a Progressive policy using a checking account. The individuals would then claim the transactions as fraud, lending to a return of the purchase and rescission of the policy.

Arkansas Insurance Department encourages consumers who may have been victims to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 866-660-0888.

The Commissioner reminds Arkansans that people who sell or are in possession of a false, fake or counterfeit insurance policies or insurance identification care may be charged with committing a fraudulent Insurance Act, which is a Class D Felony that carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Hit A Deer…Now What?


The most common vehicle accident seen is a deer hit. They come out of no where and suddenly the driver now has damage to their vehicle. That also comes with many questions, some which do not have a straightforward answer. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about deer hits.

“So I hit a deer, am I covered?”

                In order to be covered for a deer hit you must have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. This type of coverage is for accidents other than collisions. Although the deer did strike or collide with your vehicle, it is specifically listed as a loss covered by “other than collision”. If you have only liability coverage, then the insurer will not pay for the damages from hitting the deer.

“I swerved to miss a deer, then hit ____. Will I be covered?”

                If it was only the deer that hit the vehicle, then it would go under comprehensive insurance. If the driver swerves to miss the deer and then hit something else, such as another vehicle, guardrail, tree or roll the vehicle, then that turns into a collision claim. Even though the deer started this ordeal, contact with the animal was never made so that is not a comprehensive claim.

“Will the state pay for the damage, or for my deductible”?

                The state will not pay for the repairs or deductible. There is an agency that does manage the deer population, but they cannot prevent deer from crossing roadways.

“Do I need to file a police report?”

                Most insurances do not require the insured to fill out a police report for a comprehensive claim. It is best to contact authorities if there are any signs of injury.

“Will my insurance go up?”

                Usually with a comprehensive claim, the company will not raise your insurance rate. If there are multiple claims filed over a period, then that can raise rates.

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